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Thursday, 30 September 2010


Gosh it's been over a week since I blogged. It's not that I've not been sewing - far from it. I've been having one of those weeks where I start something, and then another project sort of pushes its way in. Could all crafty ideas please form an orderly queue!

I decided to make party bags for an upcoming swimming party. The party is on the weekend so these little bags got to sharpen their elbows and push their way to the front of the sewing machine. Many thanks to my Mum for buying me some elastic just at the time I needed it! Little sewing supplies like that always come in handy don't they.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

See, I told you those campervans will get everywhere! This is a skirt and top I made as a present for my daughter's friend. I've blogged the skirt pattern previously as I have made it up in a lovely yellow ice-cream fabric for my daughter.

Will stop making campervans soon!

Thursday, 16 September 2010


I have gone a little bit camper crazy recently!

I made these bags for friends using a simple campervan design. The wheels and windows were stencilled with fabric paint while the rest is machine appliqued. I loved choosing the fabrics to use for these designs and had to think quite a bit about the lining of the bags as they are reversible, like so:-

You may well see this bright design cropping up in future posts as I love choosing the colour combinations so much I keep making things with it on!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The lovely Super Kawaii Mama has set a new challenge on her blog.

The challenge is to create a new outfit based on four images taken from the dreamscape of your mind. Sounds slightly weird so I decided to give it a go!

I have used my own images as I am always worried about copyright (serves me right for studying intellectual property!). So my four images are these:

And the resulting outfit reflects the colours and hopefully the mood of the pictures.

I made the dress and handbag myself, the shawl I wore to my wedding and my doctor marten shoes are almost permanently on my feet. Hula Hoop is model's own!

I had great fun doing this - so thank you Super Kawaii Mama!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This is my latest dressmaking attempt. I've blown the budget with this skirt - the material was 99 pence from a charity shop! I was inspired to make it by wandering around my favourite clothes shop and gazing longingly at their skirts which, sadly, were being sold for over forty pounds. Went home and drew around a skirt I already owned and voila!

My favourite shop uses quite simple shapes for their skirts but what makes them special is the embellishment that is added. So I decided to do the same. My fabric was a lovely, but quite plain, green/grey check fabric so I added a green squiggly design (that's a technical term!) by freehand machine embroidery. It was actually easier to do as the check pattern acted as a grid to keep me in place.

I did encounter problems which would obviously have been avoided if I had paid over forty pounds. I didn't copy the skirt properly at the waist and it wouldn't have fitted so I had to chop an inch off the top so it would fit. And the vintage zipper I used has sadly broken which I am gutted about. Partly as it means I will have to sew in another zip and partly because I loved the zip - it was so old and still in it's original packaging which said "zip can be washed but do not mangle"!

Problem is of course whether I will get around to fitting another zip as it's a fiddly job and I'm desperate to wear it. Do you think it's bad form to proudly show off your handiwork when it has a safety pin holding it together?!

Friday, 3 September 2010

I have been knitting again, this time finishing off a pair of lace fingerless gloves. My knitting isn't brilliant. I used to blame it on my left handedness but I think that's probably a cop out. The secret to being good at anything I think is practice and - controversially in this day and age - learning the right way of doing it. There! I said it! I'm not one for doing things 'my way', at least not until I learn the way that has worked and has been perfected for many many years by people much more talented than I.

Mind you, despite following the pattern to the letter, copying exactly stitch diagrams in books and researching an old Norwegian casting on method, despite all that one glove turned out to be an inch shorter than the other! Maybe I am not such a good example of the virtue of doing things the 'right way' after all!!!!