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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bit of cafe society for you! This bag really is made up of odds and ends. You may recognise the main material from the little tree bags I made for our local scout fete. I also had tiny scraps of fabric left over from making the trees that were already backed with bondaweb so I thought I would cut out tiny leaves and machine embroider them on to the front of the bag for embellishment.

The lining of the bag is cut out from the top of the frumpy dress I blogged about a few posts back. (I cut off the top part of the dress and made it into a skirt). I knew I would find a use for it! And the button is from the button box that Mr HoffiCoffi acquired for me from the charity shop. So this bag must have cost me pennies to make and is just right for holding enough money for a Full English Breakfast!

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