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Thursday, 28 July 2011

A lovely thing happened to me yesterday.

I went out to a family fun day at a local park. There were activities for the children to do and you were advised to bring a picnic. There I was, sat on my picnic blanket munching on a sandwich with family and friends, when I turned around and the family next to us were sitting on a quilt I made three or four years ago!

I made it for the school summer fayre and I wasn't sure whether they had managed to sell it or had given it away as a raffle prize and I had feared that it had ended up in a school cupboard somewhere but there it was, out in the sunlight with a baby rolling on it. I can't describe how happy it made me feel seeing it being used. I know I'm sentimental, but it was nice.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bit of cafe society for you! This bag really is made up of odds and ends. You may recognise the main material from the little tree bags I made for our local scout fete. I also had tiny scraps of fabric left over from making the trees that were already backed with bondaweb so I thought I would cut out tiny leaves and machine embroider them on to the front of the bag for embellishment.

The lining of the bag is cut out from the top of the frumpy dress I blogged about a few posts back. (I cut off the top part of the dress and made it into a skirt). I knew I would find a use for it! And the button is from the button box that Mr HoffiCoffi acquired for me from the charity shop. So this bag must have cost me pennies to make and is just right for holding enough money for a Full English Breakfast!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I wanted to make a set of notelets for a friend who was recuperating after an operation and I thought thank you cards might be useful.

I love this stamp that I bought for a bargain price in a sale...

But I'm not too sure how often I will be able to use the phrase 'Smarty pants! '! So I hatched a plan.

Before inking up the stamp I cut a small piece of scrap card and placed it over the sentiment on the banner - I then took off the scrap card before printing the image and - as the saying was not inked - it didn't appear. I know, I know, how I'm not running the country yet I don't know! :)

So most of them were destined to be thank you cards.

And one I had fun colouring in and making a birthday card.

It says 'Happy Birthday Tegan' in Welsh!

Monday, 18 July 2011

I can't bear to see fabric go to waste.

My friend asked if I could take a ruffle off a blouse of hers and when I did I was left with this amount of fabric.

So I made this bag - using some spare lining fabric and a few bits of bling from my stash and the result is a new little clutch bag for nothing!

I have made one for myself using the same principles - I will take photos and post them soon.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

This may well be the first of quite a few posts about a jumble sale I went to recently.

I would like to improve my skills in altering clothes and so I was quite happy to pick up a bundle of items from a local jumble for about 30 pence each. I was looking for interesting materials and clothes a few sizes too large for me that I could alter to make more wearable.

This was one of those items. Modelled by Merle - I'm afraid it makes even Merle look frumpy! The top was quite snagged and I thought I could make the dress into a skirt.

I was probably a bit of a scaredy cat doing this alteration first as it is so simple. You just unpick the skirt from the top of the dress - turn the waist over on itself to make a small tube and sew, leaving only a small gap to insert a piece of elastic a little bit less than your waist measurement. You then secure it with a few stitches to make sure the elastic doesn't turn around too much and you have the easiest skirt to make... ever!

There are some lovely buttons to salvage too and I'm sure I could fussy cut the good bits of the top to make a purse - I hate to see pretty fabric go to waste!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I've gone back to basics with my lacemaking. I decided to just concentrate on the Torchon ground stitch without trying anything too fancy. I am a big believer in starting from scratch in a new skill and not trying to 'do it my way' until I at least know the proper way of doing things.

It went almost perfectly until two bobbins parted company right at the end. Maybe I went off to find a biscuit at an inopportune moment...

The yarn was a fabulous donation boutique find - a big cone of laceweight yarn for £1. The poor woman in the shop had quite a fright when I tried to get into the store before it had even opened - but I calmed down, went for a cup of tea, and came back!

I've also tried some lace knitting with the yarn but the stitches seem too delicate and complicated for me so I am currently knitting a lovely looking scarf by blending it with some leftover sock yarn. Pictures, I am sure, will follow!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I spent a day making Milly Molly Mandy fabric bags. I call this fabric Milly Molly Mandy as I imagine it's the fabric her winter dresses would have been made in. I was slightly obsessed with Milly Molly Mandy books as a child!

The applique design, sadly, is not my own. It's taken from an applique design book and it is one of those perfect images that you kind of kick yourself that you didn't think of it yourself. It was so easy to machine stitch around and I was quite taken with the back of it, it has given me hope for my machine embroidery!

I donated the bags to the Scout Fete that I attended last weekend, but not before letting my daughter pick her favourite one to keep. They were so easy to do I am tempted to make some more.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

It is very warm here today and it's ideal weather for the local scout fete. I'm not too sure, however, whether hot weather and a cake stall are the best combination but thought I would make some cupcakes to donate and hope that they get eaten before the icing melts!

I decided to give them some extra protection by way of handmade cake cases, which go around the cooked and decorated cupcake. Luckily I had a stencil handy that was just the right size so they were very quick and easy to do.

I made a yellow case for the pink iced cakes...

And a green case for the yellow iced cakes...

I think they all went!