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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paying For Pembrokeshire!

This is all the yarn and fabric I bought on my holiday!

Now I come to look at it, it is rather a lot!  The whole lot came to about twenty pounds, and I had such fun finding it.

Problem is, I am running out of space.  I am starting to think I will become like the Princess and the Pea - but instead of sleeping on a hundred mattresses I will be forced to sleep on piles of folded fabric.   So, I have a plan (Stan - can't say 'plan' without adding 'Stan' - it's like an okey without a dokey).

So anyway I thought I would give myself a little challenge up until Christmas.  I intend to make as many things as I can with the hope of:

  • Firstly, selling a few small handmade pieces to hopefully get some of the twenty pounds back - and then the fabric will be free!!!!  Really, it will be.
  • Make some Christmas presents for family and friends - thus hopefully saving a bit more money to help me justify buying so much stuff!
  • Then make myself a couple of dresses.  There is a double duvet in that lot which is just crying out to be made into a simple sixties dress.
  • Finally, I will hopefully have a few things left that I haven't sold/given away/put in my wardrobe that I can then give back to the local charity shops which they can sell and reap some benefit from my hours of work (did I say work?  I'm so looking forward to it it can't possibly be called work!)
This way I can save money, help charities, give handmade gifts and get a few new garments for myself in the bargain.  There must be a catch but I'm too excited to think what it is!