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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Can I keep one? Pleeeeeaase!

During my summer holidays I purchased a 'scrap bag' of vintage fabric and trims from a lovely little supplies shop in Pembrokeshire.  On opening it last week I felt a little dismayed as to what I could make as they were all quite small pieces of fabric.  I'm not sure why I was surprised at this as the scrap bag only cost £4!

On pondering I realised I could make some small clutch bags using a tried a trusted pattern.  (In evidence may I refer you to Exhibit A and Exhibit B!)   

I have managed to make five of these bags using fabric only sourced from the scrap bag, the fabric from the charity shop sprees on holiday, fabric given to me by a friend's mother and my charity shop tin of buttons.  Hopefully just selling one of these bags will cover the material costs of making all five.  This is why, M'lud, I feel justified in keeping this one....

I just fell in love with it whilst making it.  It is using the only patterned fabric to be found in the scrap bag.  I love the blue and orange combination even though I cannot think of one orange piece of clothing in my wardrobe, I was pleased with how the ruffle looks even though it may not be my finest work and the button was found after very little rummaging in the tin.

Anyway, all the rest look so co-ordinated together.  The one I want to keep is the odd one out! I rest my case!!!!!

P.S.  I couldn't bear to throw away any of the offcuts from my teeny tiny pieces of fabric so I made this coaster using the flip and stitch patchwork technique.  Well the fabric did cost me a whole four pounds!


  1. They are so lovely. Each and everyone of them ;)

  2. You did well to make all these bags from a bunch of scraps! I don't know that I would have had the patience...

    By all means you are allowed to keep one, and I think that one's my favourite too :-)

    1. I love a challenge! I probably would not have started making them if I had a nice big metre of fabric! Silly I know...

  3. Great work. Love the quilted coaster.
    I keep thinking about having a go at some place mat type things.

  4. You're really good with colour.