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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Humbled by a 99 pence blanket

On entering one of my usual charity shops there was a 'sale rail' pushed against the door which said 'everything 99 pence'.  Naturally I rummaged and came across what I hoped was a wool blanket.

It did have a few small stains but I thought I would have a go at felting it - a warm wash would hopefully get rid of the stains and compact the fibres to make a great base for a cushion.

It worked beautifully.  Lots of conditioner meant it came out soft and fluffy and gorgeous and clean. 

The thing is, I now feel a great responsibility towards this blanket.  From an unloved sale rail which I am assuming was only an afternoons' walk to the bin to a lovely covetable fabric.  Wool blankets are a rare find and I am now feeling great pressure not to make a bad cushion!  It seems it isn't the price of the fabric necessarily that makes it hard to cut into but also the rarity.  Little blanket I will ponder you a little while longer and hope that I do you proud.  (Yes - I am now conversing with a blanket!)


  1. Someone has to say it - the time to worry is when the blanket talks back to you!
    Happy pondering.

    1. :) - I think my husband is already worried!

  2. I echo Snippa - only worry when the blanket starts talking back. I am intrigued to see what you make from it...or maybe save it for a sofa blanket in winter.