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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sleepover Party

In a few hours' time I will be helping my daughter host a sleepover for her birthday.  She has invited three of her friends and in a moment of madness, and a desire to use up some of my enormous stash of fabric, I decided to make sleepover bags for them all.

Owls appear to have become the unofficial theme and I tried to do as quick an applique embellishment as I could.  It might be just me but using felt in applique always feels like cheating! 

I had a great time searching out the fabric.

But my favourite part has to be the button eyes.  Who would have thought that buttons could be so expressive.  This looks like a very sleepy owl.  Here's hoping that by 10pm I will have four very sleepy girls!!!!

Any excuse to make cupcakes and absolutely any excuse to use pink icing!

Wish me luck! :-)


  1. The bags are sure to be a hit! And the cup cakes too.
    Good luck with 10pm. Not much sleep seems to go on at sleep overs!

  2. Those owl bags are adorable. I hope you'll be doing some of them for your stall (or has it already passed?!). As snippa says, good luck with 10pm!! Let's hope the girls look into those button eyes are 'start to feel sleepy'.

  3. I hope the sleepover went well and you aren't too exhausted today. The bags are lovely, I agree with Kirsty that they'd be great on your stall. Those cupcakes look delicious...if only I could reach through the screen and grab one! x

  4. The owls are absolutely brilliant, I bet the girls loved them, and the cupcakes looks yummy.
    I do hope it all went well, in my experience 'sleepover' is not really the right word - hope it was different for you!

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments. The sleepover was, in my eyes, a success - but I'm afraid I cannot speak for Mr HoffiCoffi who was woken up at 3am by loud laughter! The girls had a great time though!

  6. SO proud your daughter had such a fun sleep over with her friends.. Those days are priceless. I love, love the owl cute. And How yummy does those cupcakes look.

  7. I think you should have a cupcake stall - your cupcakes always look fantastic and are really yummy! Glad the "sleep"over went well! :o)