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Monday, 12 November 2012

Knitted Bunting and Craft Fair Mark II

I had an idea to knit letter bunting but didn't want to reinvent the wheel so I had a look on Ravelry for a free pattern.  I found a lovely one but I still completely changed it!  I wanted my bunting to be smaller than the original design so I re-drafted the letters and cast on a smaller amount of stitches.

I really like the cream and orange combo.  I would like to say it was chosen as I am an edgy crafter who likes to push the boundries on 'traditional' christmas colours - but the truth was I couldn't find any red wool in my stash! :)

I had a second attempt at a craft fair on the weekend.  The table I was provided was quite small but I managed to get pretty much everything on it.  I have been working on adding height to my display and I was quite pleased with the result.  So have I managed to 'Pay for Pembrokeshire'?  Umm, nope.  The stall cost £15 to hire and I made..... £13!  But - in my usual twisted logic - I did get 2 free cups of tea from the organisers which they were selling to punters for £1 each so that makes it up to £15 ∴ I broke even!


  1. Your knitted bunting is so adorable. I would have snapped that up had I been there!

  2. Your stall looks great. I love the cream and orange.

    Could you Pay for Pembrokeshire by using your items instead of bought Xmas presents? As with everything, it's a matter of perspective. Providing you enjoyed the craft fair, it was a cheap day out! Seriously though, I've started leaving things at craft shops instead of doing fairs. The shop takes their cut but only if the item's sold so no outlay for a table to factor in.

    1. And with shops you don't have to sit there for five hours!!! :) I do strangely enjoy them but it does seem daft if I make absolutely no money! How did you find the fairs when you did them? I'm doing another one tonight but I don't think I will be doing them next year!

    2. In my experience stalls are fun and sociable providing it's once in a while and not every month as I was doing.

  3. I love the knitted bunting. Have you considered selling online? Or sharing a stall to lower the cost of stall fees? I am unable to do craft fairs due to my lack of babysitters but am preparing for online selling as it suits me better. Your stall looks fab by the way :)