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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I can't take up another hobby! 

Mr HoffiCoffi booked me onto a beginner's photography course for my birthday.  Mainly because he is very thoughtful and is amazing at buying exactly the right present but also partly I'm sure because I keep moaning about how I would like my blog photos to look better.

Well I had an amazing day on the course.  I didn't know it was possible to obtain so much information in one day and I went from knowing absolutely nothing when I went in to being able to take my digital camera off 'automatic' and take some fairly decent shots by the end of it.  I now can't leave the camera alone and am taking pictures of everything.  No-one is safe!  So thanks to my tutor Allan I have begun a journey down another path in my quest to learn about everything crafty!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

I have started to quilt my bright log cabin quilt.  Nice and easy machine quilting just following the seam lines.  Not quite quilting 'in the ditch' more like quilting 'near the ditch - I can see the ditch but I don't want to fall in it'.

Had a scary moment where I took the casing off my sewing machine to untangle some knotted thread and couldn't get the automatic needle threader to work afterwards.  I went to the opticians the other week and mentioned that I was finding in harder to thread a needle and was told it was just my age.  Always good to hear!  Anyway somehow I got it working again much to the delight of my eyes!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

An easy card for a Hello Kitty fan.  I just copied Kitty from a magazine and used ink stamps for the party girl's name.  I also made a heart gift tag which can then be used to scent a wardrobe.  My poor lavender plant gave up the ghost last summer and I'm missing being able to dry lavender for the classic scented sachet but then I remembered I had some lavender essential oil.  I took an aromatherapy course quite a few years back and since then I always have some lavender oil in the house. 

The weather is perking up in Wales now though so I'm hoping to be out in the garden soon planting another lavender bush.  Christmas presents adorned with lavender tags then!