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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Me Made May - The Final Day

It's the final day of Me Made May.  I have managed to wear something Me Made or refashioned by me every day this month.  There were some repeats and there were days when it was just a Me Made accessory but I have done it.

If you are wondering what I am doing in these photos I am trying to say thank you to Zoe who organised this month of madness.  The Welsh word 'Diolch' - as it says on my 'Me Made' sign (took me ages that. :)) means 'thanks' in English and I am standing on a red chair as Zoe often takes her photo in front of a red door and as I don't have a red door this was the best I could do.  Honestly, it makes sense to me!

The Me Made red dress is also in honour of Zoe and I originally blogged about it in 2010.

Me Made May has taught me several things.  Firstly - I am a lucky bunny because May was tremendously changeable in the weather and I can't think of another month where I could show off my limited supply of both handknitted woolly hats and handsewn summer cotton dresses.  Secondly - it has made me finally tackle making a pair of trousers, they are half way through at the moment but they will be done and thirdly - there is an awful lot of inspirational people out there.  Thank you/Diolch to you all.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Me Made May Days 27, 28, 29 and 30!

Gosh!  Doesn't time fly when the weather is warm.  Just a quick run through on what I have been wearing for what will probably be the only balmy days this season!

On the 27th I wore charity shop shorts together with a Me Made butterfly brooch.  The t-shirt was tie-dyed by my sister and it has 'Jellyhead' printed on it.  Jellyhead was a Viz comic book character when we were students and even though my sister gave it to me several years after as a present it is still now fifteen years old!  I realise I am giving the impression that I never throw anything away!

Actually this picture on the 28th shows that the previous statement is true.  Here I am wearing my Me Made fifteen pence dress made partly out of old damaged pillowcases.  My friend gave me the sweet pea plants and I have used branches cut off my neighbour's tree as supports - the water I am using is naturally from a water butt!  The bracelet is fairly new and is, again, a hand made gift from my sister (yes - I know I am spoilt!).

On day 29 I decided to tackle the fact that I have been a little short of Me Made clothing to be able to wear something different every day for a month and I am therefore sewing a new pair of trousers.  The only Me Made item today is the felt flower brooch.

However, I saved the felt flower brooch to end all felt flower brooches for today!  Sadly I did not make it but was lucky enough to be given this hand made wonder by my good friend Lisa Jones.  I have teamed it with the refashioned skirt and Me Made headband worn previously in the month.

I had an amazingly girly day today as I was invited to have a lovely complimentary hand and arm massage with my 'birthday girl' friend also called Lisa. 

Ooops, I may have made a little purchase!!!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Me Made May Days 25 and 26

Don't you love it when a plan comes together.

The theme for Friday's photo on Flickr was 'water' and as I went to the beach the day before I didn't think I could justify another jaunt down there on Friday.  I had washing to do!  So I had a plan to take my photo through a glass of water.  I had no idea if it would work so when I saw this image through the viewfinder I was very pleased!

It's the refashioned skirt made out of a jumble sale dress that I wore earlier in the month teamed with a Me Made hand-knitted handbag.  It was very warm but windy on Friday so there was a lot of Marilyn Munroe 'billowing dress' moments on the school run but hey ho!

Saturday was quite a day.  In the morning myself and the family went to see the Olympic Flame processing through the town and then in the evening I indulged in a guilty pleasure.... The Eurovision Song Contest!

I love this show - nowhere else in the year can you see as many bad leather jackets as in this competition!  I wore my favourite Me Made dress for the occasion.  The picture above sees me swirling with the dancers at the opening number - I am a little bit too excited to be cool!

The fabric used for this dress is really cute with trees and ladies taking their dogs for a walk on it.  It is also the only boned dress I have made and, after spending several weeks avoiding it, once I had tackled the boning in the bodice I was so pleased with the result.

Go Engelbert Humperdinck!  Sing.... sing like the wind!

Only a mere three and a half hours after this photo was taken it was confirmed on the screen that the UK came last but one out of twenty six countries.  Still, there's always next year.....!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Me Made May Days 23 and 24

Today, I decided that I had to wear the Me Made shorts again to show my tutor at my dressmaking class all the problems I had with the fitting and to garner her advice.  To cheer myself up I decided to carry my phone in this little Me Made purse.  It has leaves appliqued on it as I had small scraps of brown and green fabric left over from making tree bags to sell at a scout fete.  I may have overdone the 'ticking fabric' look today!

After discussing things with my tutor I decided to take the side seams in a bit on my 'proper' trousers so I spent the lesson redrafting my original pattern and cutting out the fabric.

These darts are now very, very big!

This shows the side seam that I have now tapered in by half an inch.  Worryingly though my measuring and bad maths is now suggesting that the waist measurement will be far too small.  Looks like I will be putting those darts back to their original size after all!

My lovely brown fabric all ready and waiting to be made into wonderfully fitted trousers!!!!

Yesterday I wore this Me Made dress which cost me fifteen pence to make.  I didn't realise until I tried to find the original post that I made this way back in 2010.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me Made May Days 21 and 22

Why do bad trousers happen to good people?

These shorts are my first attempt at making trousers for my very, very, pear shaped body.

Cue photo hopefully illustrating the amount of pear we are talking about here....
My hip size is at least two sizes bigger than my bust and waist size and in order to accommodate this I cut the pattern in the required hip size (actually it didn't go up to my hip size so I had to taper the hips out a bit!) and then increase the already present darts to try to fit it to my waist.  Problem is I widened the dart and it was still too baggy at the waist so I widened it again and my question is when does it stop becoming a dart and start becoming just a wedge!

The front of the shorts showing just how baggy they are at the front with the darts dimpling badly....

but the thing is this (very fetching) back view shows that I think I was right in my sizing for the seat - I had to sew a scant seam allowance as it was as initially I tacked it, sat down, and heard that sound we all adore - rrrrrip!

I'm not proud of this picture but we have no secrets now so here is the depressing tummy shot!  They are supposed to sit below the waist and in my view they are not that baggy but I still think I may have made them too big.   I need advice basically!

To cheer myself up lets look at something that does fit.  Yesterday myself and Mr HoffiCoffi wore some Me Made socks.

Aw, see, I can make stuff!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Me Made May Days 19 and 20

Yesterday I was a proper Mummy Bear and went off to change into my Me Made outfit whilst my porridge cooled down.  The Me Made Colette Peony dress I have worn earlier in the month.  I knew I would have to repeat some items but I didn't know I would feel so gutted when I did!  To soften the blow a little I teamed it with a gorgeous lace knit shawl my sister made for me.  I adore it and, as someone who gave up an inch into a similar lace pattern, I am even more honoured that my sister spent an inordinate amount of time making it for me.

It was the first time I had worn the patterned tights and they passed the 'not getting saggy knees' test with flying colours when I spent the afternoon on the floor sewing cub badges onto my daughter's camp blanket.

(I was going to cheat and use bondaweb to put the badges on but for some reason it didn't work so clever clogs here had to do it the hard way - with needle and thread!)

Today I am wearing a Me Made handknitted cardigan.  I love the colour as it goes with so many things I own and is already a bit of a wardrobe staple.  If only it wasn't handwash only....!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Me Made May Days 17 and 18

Day 18 and another refashioned charity shop item.

I found this really cute silk top in the charity shop and I had no idea if it would fit but it was so beautiful I decided to risk it.  Here it is modelled by Merle.  It was sooo close but just wasn't quite right.

There was quite a bit of excess fabric on each side seam.  Look at the cute cat pattern!  

Because it was a bit loose either side it made the back a bit saggy despite the elastic.  I unpicked the sides, took them in a bit and re-inserted the zip.  It now fits like a glove.  I loved the ribbon that I found inside used for hanging the top up. So much so that when I had to cut it out I decided to tie it round my wrist - well it does say 'I love rosy cheeks!'

Also, just a quick picture of what I wore yesterday.  It is a purchased top which I have embellished with a floral applique motif.  The scarf is Me Made.  I am having so much fun!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Me Made May Days 15 and 16

Cup of tea in a new outfit!

This is the skirt I bought on my charity shop trip on Day 5.

It's a little bit too big!  Either that or I've found an amazing new slimming plan!. 

Firstly, I cut off some belt hooks.  The belt was long gone and I didn't think I would need one (once I had taken it in a tiny bit that is).

Then I took two panels out of the back of skirt.  I was lucky because it was a centre back zip so I didn't need to take that out.  I then cut the waistband to fit and hand sewed it back together.

In true make do and mend style I then used the fabric from the discarded panels to make a matching headband.  Does it look a bit too family von trapp?  All together now 'high on a hill was a lonely goatherd....'!

Oh yes, and yesterday I wore...

..Me Made gloves!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Me Made May Days 13 and 14

Yesterday it was still sunny and so I was out in my parents' garden in flip flops and this skirt made out of an old bedsheet.  The floral fabric was an offcut I found in the charity shop and I stencilled the blue and green flower on using the freezer paper technique and fabric paint.

Today, however, is another story.  Back to the rain and I am planning a day in sewing.  The only Me Made item I am wearing today is a rather badly sewn pair of knickers!  Now, I have realised that there is no good way for a forty year old, slightly overweight (I was breathing in!) mum to photograph herself in said bad pants so I did what I always do in such situations.  I decided to hula hoop!

There, that is all the gratuitous pants photography you are getting! :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Me Made May Day 12

It's sunny!  It's actually sunny!

Grabbed the family and headed off to our local lakes. 

Lots of activity on the water and an idyllic setting to photograph day 12 of Me Made May.

Today I am wearing a skirt I made by refashioning a dress I bought at a jumble sale for 30 pence.  You can see the quite dodgy original dress here.  The jacket is from a charity shop and the smile is due to the fact that it is sunny!

Mr HoffiCoffi getting very arty with this shot of me in the distance.

Spending time together on the weekend.  Lush.

All this coupled with the British fascination of 'a brew and a view'.  I loved this drinks menu in the on-site cafe.

Pot of Tea for Four for One please!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Me Made May Days 10 and 11

I didn't get chance to blog my outfit yesterday because it was evening attire.  Which makes it sound posher than it was - I went to a quiz night.  The Me Made items are the obi belt and the clutch bag.  They are both made out of the fabric I used for the project runway dress I wore on day 4 - I hate to see fabric go to waste.

Day 11's outfit is very special to me.

I know my big sister reads my blog and I think it will come as a bit of a surprise to her that today I wore this...

My sister designed and knitted this jumper about twenty years ago for her finals during her fashion and textiles degree.  She then gave it to me and I've still got it!  Sorry sis, I've managed to felt it a little bit but the colours on it are still fab!  I wore this today helping out on a field trip at my local school.  There is a bit of a Me Made in there as well as I knitted the scarf.  I needed it as well as today it was...