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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Butterick 6571

Having previously blogged about my seventies patterns I have taken a closer look at my favourite one.  I realised that the instructions were missing but quite oddly the bottom half of the pattern is also missing!  I have the bodice front and back and the sleeves but no waistband or skirt.  Now you would think that would be enough to put me off and make a start on one of the other lovely patterns but oddly enough it made me want to make it more!  What is life without a challenge.

As quite a novice dressmaker I thought my best bet was to use an amalgamation of patterns I already own.  Bear with me... there is some method in my madness!

Above is the only illustration I have of the original pattern (is there a proper technical word for these thumbnails? I would love to know it if there is).  I have all the pattern from above the waistband up.

For the waistband I have used the one from View A from this modern pattern.  Urban Rustic made a lovely version of this dress with the fancier neckline you can just see on the right but I haven't been brave enough to tackle it yet! 

I want to keep the central seam on the skirt.  Most skirt patterns understandably don't have a central seam as they are cut on the fabric fold so it was quite hard to find a pattern that didn't do this.  I decided to use View B of this sundress. It meant I had to draft a waistline which I did by copying yet another pattern.  Too many patterns spoil the broth?  We will see.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Jumble Sale (Well I think it's an exciting title!)

I am an old fashioned girl who just loves an old fashioned jumble sale. Maybe it's not very glamorous but at least I've never witnessed a tussle over a bustle!  I'm not the type to hang on to a sleeve with a crazed look in my eye shouting 'I saw it first!!!!' so to the woman who saw the groovy sixties linen before me - mazel tov.

My advice is to come prepared with a big bag, a smile and a sense of humour.

Everything was thirty pence an item and yes, that bag is full!  My best thirty pence purchase has to be this Marks and Spencer coat.

The dark glasses and the embellished collar meant I couldn't resist...

... ah, I've been expecting you Mr Bond!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

My First Trousers - I Mean That I've Made Myself!

I've finished my first pair of trousers!

They are really comfortable to wear but I couldn't get really good photos of them which makes me think that comfortable doesn't always mean they fit!

They are designed to sit below the natural waistline (no, honestly the pattern said so!) and there is no waistband and I believe the waist measurement is right.

There was an awful lot of changes to the size of the darts to the extent that I did wonder if I needed to put two sets of darts in the front.  Luckily I didn't go down that rather odd route and instead gradually took in some of the ease at the sides from hips to waist.

Overall I like them even if they have those wrinkles at the front.  I will try another style of trouser next time to see if I can alter them correctly for the perfect fit.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pattern Eye Candy

We hadn't had a visit to a donation boutique (a.k.a. charity shop) for a while and so decided to go on Saturday.  I was wandering aimlessly towards a corner where, last time I looked, there was a very small selection of bad 80's patterns and look what I found!

A plethora of seventies fabulousness!   At one pound a pattern!  I was in heaven.

They are mostly from the seventies as they have decimal prices but the pattern above is from the sixties and was originally six shillings.

The three above are my favourite.  My absolute favourite is the one in the middle.  On inspecting inside the envelope this one is also missing the instructions but that just adds to the challenge!

This was interesting.  It seems to be an Elle pattern and it was the only pattern where it wasn't clear about the sizing on the envelope.  My sister has had a look inside though and assures me that the patterns are cut out to exactly her measurements.  How convenient! :)

The thing that struck me from these patterns is how similar the colour stories are.  They are Simplicity and Butterick and the copyright dates on the Simplicity patterns are 1974 and 1975.  Think I am duty bound to make something in green now.

And these are the final three.  There were more patterns there but I felt guilty enough buying ten of them.  I assured the lady behind the counter that I would use them and she said she was looking forward to the fashion show!  They are all bust size 12 or 14 which is pretty spot on for me and I still can't believe how lucky I am.  There were quite a few Vogue patterns left and also several patterns in a larger size so if anyone is near Penarth in South Wales I would strongly recommend you head over to the Tenovus shop!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Teacher Presents

It is the end of the school term next week and I like to give presents to the teachers thanking them for their work during the year.  This year I have made my son's teacher these apple coasters.  Are apples too obvious?  Probably but I love a cliche!

I love the fabric.  It's from the Summersville range which I have admired for ages on Etsy.  Originally they were all screen printed I believe but Moda has commissioned them and so I could afford to get a commercially printed charm pack.  

I had a bit of a nightmare though with the mitred corners on these coasters.  They are a bit of an Achilles heel of mine.  I love the look of them but really struggle with making a nice accurate angle on each corner that doesn't stick out ungainly.  As with most things in life I am hoping practice will make perfect.

I love the colours of these designs.  The apples are machine embroidered but I tried using hand quilting cotton which actually turned out ok.

My daughter's teacher is a man so I wasn't sure if the coasters were a bit feminine but luckily Mr HoffiCoffi also has a creative hobby!  He designs and makes games and so my daughter is able to present her teacher with a copy of  'Hyper-Miner' a one player game based on the mining of minerals (hope my summary is ok Mr HoffiCoffi!)  It is extra special because my daughter drew the illustrations on the cards.

Think it is safe to say that we are a family that can find plenty of things to do in a power cut!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Scout fete... or is it?

Decided to try a new cupcake recipe for the Scout Fete.  We had to put our names against a list of cakes to bring for sale and cupcakes had actually gone.  Chocolate chip cakes, however, were still there so it gave me the opportunity to try these cookie dough cupcakes from 'Making Cupcakes with Lola'.  They have chocolate chips in the cake batter and they also have cookie dough placed inside them when cooked.  The mini cookies decorating the top are store bought.

I couldn't resist making some traditional vanilla cupcakes with a cherry on top as well.  I did check that it was ok to make extra things so as not to tread on anyone's toes!

So I've had a busy morning indoors when the weather outside looked like this....

You can guess what happened next.  Just put the last glace cherry on top of the iced cakes when I got the text that the Fete had been cancelled due to the rain!  Looks like it's an afternoon in eating my bodyweight in cake... better get the kettle on! :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Purple Top

I could not get a decent picture of this top before running out on the school run so I'm afraid this slightly fuzzy shot is the best I could do.

It took just an afternoon to make as it is in my 'new-best-friend' material - jersey.  No fastenings and no overlocking - dreamy!

I also got to play with the twin needle setting on my machine. I love the professional look this creates.

The material was left over from this skirt that I made for Me Made May....

I have tried them on together but it does look like a very bad 80's outfit.  I do, however, have a very high shame threshold so expect to see me wearing them together with black fishnet gloves and a gold elasticated belt next May!