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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Up above the streets and houses, rainbow climbing high.

On returning from my holiday, I was catching up with blog posts when I stumbled upon the Repurpose, Reuse, Refashion competition via CharityShopChic, which is being run by Sew Amy Sew.  There was only a week to go before items had to go up on the Flickr page so I thought I would be unlikely to enter.  Still, it was the Bank Holiday weekend and we happened to go to my favourite charity shop town by the sea, and I thought I would only rush to enter if I could find something that I really, really wanted to refashion.

Kerching!  I found this duvet cover for £1.50 and instantly fell in love.  I was convinced this duvet cover is a print of the opening sequence of one of my favourite childhood television shows, Rainbow, but a quick search on YouTube proved me wrong.  It is uncannily similar though.  

The front section contains the rainbow, whereas the back of duvet cover is all clouds and sky.

It did leave me with another dilemma though, I loved the rainbows, I loved the trees, but they couldn't all fit into a dress.  Hence another day umming and ahhing and the deadline loomed.

Eventually, I opted for the rainbows and cut the fabric just above the tree line.  I had to do a very narrow hem to keep the length that I wanted.  The bodice of the dress is the Colette Peony.  The skirt is just the front and back section of the original duvet cover.

The back of the dress is made up entirely of the back of the duvet as the 'sky' was a little lighter on the back section.  I like how all the detail is in the front and how the back gives someone walking behind me a false sense of security that the person in front of them is not unhinged!!!

I have teamed the dress with a petticoat I made previously, together with the shoes I wore to my wedding ten years ago.

I love my new dress, and whilst wearing it outside it seemed to want to join its friends in the sky!


  1. Wow! That is one seriously cute dress!! :)
    Love the petticoat and shoes too!

    1. Thank you. I was lucky I had accessories for such a mad dress!

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  3. So pretty! Can't believe your wedding was 10 years ago! I might finish the cot quilt I started for mini HoffiCoffi #1 one of these days! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you - it was a bit of a rush but it was fun playing with the fabric placement.

  5. OMG I had that duvet as a child!!! I thought it looked familiar, then I saw the pear and apple trees!! So surreal. But AWESOME dress!

    1. Isn't it freaky when you see some fabric that reminds you of your childhood - I can still remember my dark green curtains with toys printed all over them that I had in my bedroom - would make a great skirt!

  6. Hello Hoffi,

    Thanks for the idea of using old duvet covers! I have linked a couple of your posts to my blog today... I am using a duvet cover at the moment for pattern pieces and toiles. It is far too boring for anything else.

    This dress is brilliant, a real summer holiday special.

    Love, Muv