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Monday, 9 March 2015

Note to self - stop finishing your toiles.

Otherwise my entire wardrobe is going to be made up of this fabric!

I have sewed up a vintage pattern I managed to get in a bargain bundle from Ebay.  Namely The People Pattern Service number 173.

I did my usual FBA and altered the hips.  My first version was a disaster as I really overcompensated for my larger hip measurement.  I ended up pinning over an inch back off my toile - adjusting my paper pattern - and throwing toile number one away.  Hurrah!  Got rid of some of this fabric then.

I thought I also had to do a swayback adjustment but I overdid that as well, as I ended up with a very wonky hem!  With nobody around to measure the true hem whilst laughing at me I created my own version of 'wonky hem mugshot'.

Wanted for crimes against hems.  

Anyway, I'm fairly pleased with how the end result came out.

Hips still need a bit of adjustment I think as the fabric is riding up a little - and, although I lowered the bust darts they need lowering just a little more.... sigh...

But the best part of this pattern is definitely the collar.  I had the perfect soft orange fabric from a bundle of fabrics I also got with a low bid from Ebay!

This was my first time attaching a collar.  I researched tips on how to do it and, of course, every book said something different.  Some said to interface the undercollar, some said to interface the uppercollar, some said to make the undercollar fractionally smaller than the uppercollar - others had you rolling the seam a little.  In the end I had a cup of tea.  Then I did a miss-match of techniques and I'm pleased with the results.

Now all I need to do is make more, more adjustments to my traced pattern and I'll be able to start making the dress with the real material. 

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  1. The end result is bound to be fabulous:) I love the collar on this pattern, tres chic!

  2. Love the collar and that orange colour. I like your tools fabric. Will you wear the toile? Looking forward to seeing the next version. X

    1. Hi. I would like to think I will wear the toile but maybe not so much when I have made the real one. It will be another dress to add to my holiday pile! :)

    2. This dress is great, Hoffi. Your kids will never lose you on the beach.