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Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Thank You and a Refashion

From time to time friends give me their unwanted garments in the hope that I can make use of them.  When I can make use of them I like to thank them for their generosity.  This thank you usually comes in the form of a handmade bag.

I have had my machine quilting head on since watching another very good crafty class on machine quilting (no affiliation - and in actual fact I got this class with the money I had refunded on another machine quilting class which I thought wasn't very good!).

Anyway, it all looked so easy and, whilst I came up with a usable piece of machine quilting, I clearly have a long way to go to meet a good standard.  I am still calling it artistic licence!

The other side of the bag is quilted with a Leah Day design.

The bag is lined with some fabric I purchased from a charity shop whilst on holiday a few years ago.

My friend liked the bag despite its wonky quilting and it was to say thank you for giving me this dress...

A gorgeous dress which unfortunately was too small.

Thank you Merle for modelling it for me... as you can see the zip was miles apart!

It was easy to turn it into a skirt.  I just cut around the dress an inch below the bottom piping on the bodice as this was the closest to my waist measurement and folded over a waistband (not convinced this is the best way to do it though) and put in a new shorter zip.

I cut the bodice apart and was left with these pieces.

Had a great time playing a game I like to call 'how can I make this into a bag'.

The result.  Can't quite remember now which piece is which but as every bag in this game is unique I won't need to recreate it!

Here I am modelling the outfit.  I did joke it was a bit Queen Mother having a matching bag but I am an old fashioned girl.

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  1. Love that thank-you bag! The quilting looks so elegant, and it is cool that it is different on each side :)
    You made good use of the dress. Nothing wrong with the Queen Mother, is there? ;)

    1. Thank you. Nothing wrong with the Queen Mother - I think I just wish I could channel my inner Duchess of Cambridge instead! :)

  2. The machine quilting looks great. You are clever. Love the skirt and bag, it is a fab dotty fabric. Nothing wrong with a bit of matchy queen mumness xx

    1. I do love the dotty fabric - I was a bit sad cutting up such a lovely dress but knew I wanted to use the fabric! :)

  3. What a lovely friend you are! I'm sure your generous friend loved her new bag, and honestly, to someone who doesn't quilt or free motion quilt (ie me) it looks great. And I love the fabric in the dress you were given, and it makes a very pretty skirt (and bag!).

    1. Thank you. My friend was pleased with the quilting, but I'm afraid I had hoped to make much smoother feathers and was a bit frustrated when what I managed to do bore no resemblance to how I hoped it would turn out. Still, if it were easy it wouldn't be so much fun to try! Will keep going...

  4. Hello Hoffi,

    Great quilting, and a brilliant laugh too. I couldn't resist linking to your post as this week's featured project on Free Motion Mavericks.

    Regards to Merle,

    Love, Muv

    1. Thank you Muv! I was very surprised when I popped over to your blog this morning to look at your landscape quilt to find I am mentioned - it was a lovely surprise though! :)