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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

More Barbie Clothes

I have a problem with throwing even the tiniest bit of fabric away!

So here are my latest makes for the tiniest people I know. :)

You may remember I used this shirt and this curtain..

To make this dress.

 Well here is the tiny version.

And my latest offcuts have also fallen victim to my tiny clothes syndrome!

My humongous Burda top actually had a bit of fabric left over from it.

That went into making this top and skirt.

The skirt is lined with a curtain that I last used to make bags in 2009.

I love how it has made the gathering at the top of the skirt more interesting.

Finally, my latest make...

Which you may recall was squeezed onto the width of the fabric when cutting out.  Well, I still had tiny offcuts which I made into this top and trouser set.

Complete with a teeny tiny waistband.

I don't need to ask who wore it better.  Barbie all the way! :)

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