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Friday, 22 July 2016

Practical 'Companion' Pattern No. 7001

It's a boiling hot day here in Wales, and as I type this, seagulls are flying above my seaside home making quite a racket.  Welsh seagulls are tough as old boots let me tell you - a fact I found out to my cost when one snatched a whole pasty out of my hands as I was about to enjoy a picnic on our local beach.  Needless to say I always eat indoors now!

Anyway, I bring up the subject of seagulls as I purchased this stretch cotton from the Remnant House in the UK.  

It turned out to be a little thinner than I had anticipated but just right to make this skirt...

It is called a companion pattern because there are skirts and blouses in the same range that fit together so that you can make them as a dress.  Sadly, most of my paper companions had left the envelope before I took possession of this pattern.   It was just me and the two darted version of the skirt left in the corner of the room making small talk. :)

I really wanted to make a version with side pleats - but after resizing the skirt it became clear that there was no extra fabric available at the sides to make the pleat.

This is a wide fabric as well!   I obviously shortened the skirt by quite a bit and I cut myself a new waistband as that had also left the party early.

Back of the skirt.

I consoled myself about the lack of side pleats by making myself a headband.  There was enough stretch for a nice fit.

It is just two tubes of the fabric interlocked and fastened together at the back.

Another one for the vintage pattern pledge!

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